STAR OR COMET? (2008) is a 52 min. documentary about professional tennis.

Over 50 million people play tennis. About 20 000 young talents are gaining to be pros. About 400 of them make their living in professional circuit.

This movie will show the whole spectrum of professional tennis; tell the story about very demanding way to the top, starting with Future-circuit. In the documentary a Finn, Mr. Juho Paukku is trying to make his brake through to ATP-circuit. The other main character is Mr. Jarkko Nieminen, who`s target is on top 10.

In this movie, we want to show hard work that is required to make living on professional tennis. We also surge for the ingredients and features that a star is made off. There will be interviews of top coaches, ex professionals.

We want show the backstage of tennis and what kind of life professional tennis players are living.

Duration: 52 min.
Script, cinematography, director, editing: Ari Heinilä
Online editing: Toke Lahti
Sounds: Lauri Planman, Stadia
Music: Ville Wallenius
Background information: Janne Eerikäinen
Production: Motion Oy

Available also in English.

This documentary is available also in HD (16:9) format.


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