MOTION LTD is a production company owned by Ari Heinilä.

Since 1988 Motion Oy has produced more than 100 TV-programmes for all national TV-channels in Finland. Motion has also a large video and image archive of outdoor activities, sports and exotic countries.

2008 Star or Comet?
2007 Rider of the Lost Snow
2006 Sparkling Heart
2005 Deep Breath
2004 Snow Warriors
2002 Internet Traveller Veikka Gustafsson (Nelonen)
2000 On the Road Somewhere in Finland (Nelonen)
1994-1999 The World of Adventure (TV1, Nelonen)
1996 Dark Side of the Earth (TV2)
1994-1996 Mono Meno stories (MTV3)
1991 The Battle on Aconcaqua (TV3)
1990 The White Danger (TV3)
1989 Speed in the Blood (TV3)
1989 The Holy Extreme (TV3)
1988 The Magic of Telemark (TV3)


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