MOTION LTD is specialised in production of commercials and television programs. Motion has an extensive archive of action loaded videos and photos to enliven corporate videos and advertisements.

Ari Heinilä founded Motion Oy (Ltd) as a continuation to his career in media, which began 1977 from The Skimbaaja magazine. Heinilä founded Skimbaaja together with Hannu Mikkola, who perished in an avalanche 21.1.1981. Heinilä carried on running The Skimbaaja, until he sold the magazine to Sanoma Oy in 1986.

The first TV-programme came into existence when Heinilä, together with Martti Heino, organised an international Fast Water Festival -white water carnival, which servers as the model of rodeo canoeing as we know it today.

Motion Oy
Ari Heinilä
Itäinen rantatie 30 A
02230 Espoo, Finland
phone/fax: 09 804 1497


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